endeavor space shuttle lidar

Endeavour: The Last Space Shuttle as she’s never been seen before.

[source by Mark Gibbs]

Endeavour, NASA’s fifth and final space shuttle, is now on display at the California Science Center in Los Angeles and, if you’re at all a fan of space stuff, it’s one of the most iconic and remarkable flying machines ever built.

David Knight, a trustee and board member of the foundation recently sent me a link to an amazing video of the shuttle as well as some excellent still shots.

David commented that these images were:

 “…captured by Chuck Null on the overhead crane while we were doing full-motion VR and HD/2D filming … the Payload Bay has been closed for [a] few years … one door will be opened once she’s mounted upright in simulated launch position in the new Air & Space Center.

Note that all of this is part of the Endeavour VR Project by which we are utilizing leading-edge imaging technology to film, photograph and LIDAR-scan the entire Orbiter, resulting in the most comprehensive captures of a Space Shuttle interior ever assembled – the goal is to render ultra-res VR experiences by which individuals will be able to don eyewear such as the Oculus Rift (the COO of Oculus himself came down during the capture sessions), and walk or ‘fly’ through the Orbiter, able to ‘look’ anywhere, even touch surfaces and turn switches, via eventual haptic feedback gloves etc.

The project is being Executive Produced by me, with the Producer being Ted Schilowitz (inventor of the RED camera and more), Director is Ben Grossman, who led the special effects for the most recent Star Trek movie. Truly Exciting!”

Here are the pictures …

Endeavour - the last Space Shuttle
Endeavour - the last Space ShuttleCharles Null / David Knight on behalf of the California Science Center
Endeavour - the last Space Shuttle


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