• Mobile Photogrammetry Capture

    Rapid Capture, Hyper-Realistic Detail, On-Location

  • Virtual Set Capture & Creation

    Turnkey LiDAR, Photogrammetry, Retopology and Texturing for delivery of hyper-realistic render-ready 3D assets

  • Stadiums and Large Environments

    Rapid and Accurate Camera Tracking and CG Crowd Placement

Revolutionizing Visual Effects: Where Reality Meets Virtuality through Cutting-Edge 3D Scanning!

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Now with Mobile Photogrammetry Studios (MoPho Studios) located in Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta, coupled with LiDAR, Structured-Light, and Aerial Drone Photogrammetry and LiDAR scanning capabilities, we offer the most cutting-edge tech in 3D scanning. Our team, the best in the VFX industry, delivers hyper-realistic digital assets to enhance your productions.


Our Mobile Photogrammetry Studios (MoPho Studios) enable instant 3D scans of actors for the creation of hyper-realistic Digital Doubles. We are the fastest in the industry, ensuring talent is back on set in less than 60 seconds in most applications.


Our team of artists utilize specialized workflows for transforming dense 3d scan data into render-ready virtual assets including complex texturing and subsurface scatter map creation for hyper-realistic CG digital doubles and virtual sets.


Aerial photogrammetry has revolutionized the world of visual effects, opening up limitless creative possibilities. SCANable harnesses the power of high-resolution aerial photography to recreate large environments in stunning 3D detail and realism.


About Us

SCANable is a complete 3D imaging and virtual production capture solutions studio with locations in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans and Houston, focusing on providing high-end visual effects support services. We strive to expand and enhance the use and implementation of 3D and 4D scanning technologies and workflows throughout North America.

If you need reliable 3D imaging solutions,
SCANable is your trusted one-stop resource for all of your support needs.

  • Entertainment/VFX/CGI

    3D and 4D capture and modeling of characters, sets, locations, environments, vehicles, props and objects of all shapes and sizes for use in high-end visual effects (VFX) and other computer-generated imagery (CGI) applications.

  • Architecture & Heritage

    Building Information Models (BIM), Floor Plans, HABS/HAER Drawings, Interior/Exterior Elevations, Site Plans

  • Civil/Survey

    Topographic Surveys, Site Plans, Surface Deviation Monitoring, Bridge Surveys

  • Plant, Process & Marine

    Retrofits, Clash Detection & Avoidance, As-Is Documentation

  • Security

    Line-of-sight Studies, Viewshed Analysis, Counter-terrorism Planning & Analysis