We are great at what we do

With offices in Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, SCANable provides post production and visual effects studios with the equipment, software, training and turn-key support services necessary to guarantee success on every project. If you would like to know more about how 3D imaging can benefit your studio, please contact us or request a free quote today!

Our specialization

3D Body Scans/Cyber Scanning
LiDAR Scanning
Prop Scanning
3D Modeling
3D Scanning for CG Crowd Population
3D Scanning for CG Set Extension
3D Scanning for Camera Tracking/MatchMoving

Core Services

  • Virtual Production Capture Solutions

    Our industry-leading mobile photogrammetry studios are outfitted with the latest LiDAR, structured-light, 4D volumetric, UAV’s and photogrammetry capture technologies to handle any last-minute scanning needs you may have.

  • Retopology & Modeling

    Our team of artists utilize specialized workflows for transforming dense 3d scan data into render-ready virtual assets including complex texturing and subsurface scatter map creation for hyper-realistic CG digital doubles.

Virtual Production & VFX

SCANable works with the most prestigious post-production and visual effects studios across the globe providing turn-key 3D, 4D, Multi-Camera Capture Solutions and 3D Modeling services. These innovative companies have relied upon us to provide LiDAR and 3D Imaging solutions for advertising, entertainment, and film. For over a decade, the technical experts on our staff have been capturing full-body scans of actors, vehicles and props, and environment scans, stadium scans for crowd population, and intricate set scans. Our expertise allows us to offer clients a unique, one-stop solution for all of their visual effects scanning and modeling needs.

Mobile Photogrammetry Studios

Our state-of-the-art mobile scanning studios capture hyper-realistic 3D and 4D volumetric scans using our proprietary capture technology for use in Feature Films, Television, Virtual Reality, Video Games, Commercials, and more. Each of our highly customized mobile units is outfitted with COVID-19 Synexis Microbial Reduction Systems to our mobile studios are safe and disease-free. Our rapid scan capture process (fastest in the industry) is non-contact ensuring your talent is back on-set in less than 60 seconds in most applications*