3D Laser Scanning and Mobile LiDAR for Threat Analysis and Security PlanningIn a time of increased threats to our national security, it is imperative that we stay one step ahead of those who intend to disrupt and damage the systems and organizations that America relies upon. We can accomplish this and maintain “information superiority” by utilizing the latest technologies to obtain more accurate and detailed data.

Through the use of 3D laser scanning, highly detailed three-dimensional “model-like” images can be quickly captured to provide security personnel with valuable data that could very easily save lives when responding to potential threats.

Whenever an event is officially designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security as a National Special Security Event (NSSE), the Secret Service assumes its mandated role as the lead agency for the design and implementation of the operational security plan. Their core strategy relies heavily on its established partnerships with law enforcement and public safety officials at the local, state, and federal levels.

National Security Special Event Planning and Threat AnalysisThe overall goal of these cooperating agencies is to provide a safe and secure environment for Secret Service protectees, other dignitaries, event participants, and the general public. A tremendous amount of advance planning and coordination is required for the preparation of these events, particularly in the areas of: venue and motorcade route security, communications, credentialing, and training. Detailed point cloud information assists in meeting these responsibilities and proves to be invaluable for line-of-sight studies, as well as threat and view-shed analysis. The superior information achieved through the use of static and mobile laser scanning gives our security personnel the ability to readily identify possible vulnerabilities and successfully plan counter-measures.

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