Training and Support from Industry Experts

Get your team up and running quickly

Do you need to get your engineering team or survey field crews immediately productive on the latest hardware and software tools for 3D digital data capture analysis? SCANable can help. We provide expert, hands-on training in the implementation of industry-leading laser scanning and equipment and software from Leica Geosystems, FARO, Z+F, LFM, Artec, Dot-Product, Autodesk, and Bentley.

On-the-Job Training

One of the most popular methods of introductory training is to team with SCANable on your initial projects and pursuits. We will assist you with project planning, execution and delivery by being there by your side during the entire project. This allows you to roll the costs of the hardware, software and personnel into the costs of the project and eliminate or reduce any unwanted overhead expenditures.

Custom-Tailored Support

Our training is completely custom and specific to your processes. You can specify exactly what you need to learn – nothing about our instruction is canned or “off the shelf.” Plus, our professionals are adept at addressing your impromptu training concerns because they have been in your shoes before as a service provider. We think fast on our feet and are not afraid to take your training down unexpected paths. Our commitment is to provide your staff with precisely the instruction they need.

Streamline Your Operations

Our experts have been utilizing laser scanning hardware and software since its inception and will share their ‘real-world’ workflows and procedures with your team. We have experience in all fields of 3D data capture and all major software platforms and will custom-tailor a reliable workflow for you.

Eliminate the Investment Risk

  • Rent equipment until you’re ready to buy – provides cost control by allowing project managers to expense equipment costs on a project-by-project basis.
  • Take advantage of knowledgeable experts with real world experience to support your project team.
  • Ramp up or down as needed to keep your capital expenditures minimal.
  • Rely upon our experience to provide you with practical user information – get more than just a product demo.

With decades of combined experience gained from a real world application of laser measurement systems, our team of industry professionals has obtained highly-qualified and proven skill sets covering all industries.