Live Planet is the First and Only End-to-End VR Video Production and Distribution System for Immersive Content Creators

SAN JOSE, California GPU Technology Conference May 8, 2017

This week at the GPU Technology Conference, Live Planet will demonstrate its computational “super computer” camera with flawless, stereoscopic stitching and encoding — both in real time — all on a device the size of a grapefruit.  The Live Planet camera uses NVIDIA Jetson TX1 technology to deliver a camera capable of feats that require other cameras to use large external stitching computers and encoding boxes.

Live Planet is the first end-to-end immersive VR video enablement system for producing, distributing, and monetizing VR content. The three-part system includes the groundbreaking live stereoscopic computational camera, an open cloud platform, and client software delivering optimized and monetizable VR video content across all end-consumer VR and 360° platforms.

The powerful graphics capabilities provided by the Jetson TX1 and NVIDIA Tegra graphics chips enable the Live Planet camera to compute complex proprietary stitching and image manipulation algorithms in real time, producing perfectly stitched stereoscopic VR video then encoded on the device and delivered immediately over Ethernet, WiFi, USB3 or HDMI to any VR headset.  

In addition to flawlessly stitching and encoding in real time on the device – a pioneering achievement – the Live Planet camera was designed from the ground up for perfect 3D optics to deliver a comfortable, “Natural VR” viewing experience featuring the industry-standard IPD in stereo. This allows viewers to experience longer-form creative content without discomfort.  Further, the Live Planet camera incorporates the latest Sony image sensors and HDR, providing industry-leading dynamic range.

About Live Planet

Live Planet is a full stack end-to-end immersive capture, management, distribution and syndication platform for immersive video. Live Planet takes all the hard work out of capturing and delivering stereoscopic VR and 360° video, whether live or recorded, reliably and flawlessly, enabling the world’s creators to focus on doing what they do best: create amazing VR and 360° video content — easily, practically, and affordably.

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