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Architecture & Heritage

Capturing accurate as-built documentation of existing buildings, structures and sites in a timely and cost-effective manner has been a challenge for centuries. Construction drawings, when available, do not always reflect true “as-is” conditions and traditional as-built methods lack the accuracy and detail needed by today’s architects and planners. Our team of experts have real-world experience utilizing the latest ultra-fast imaging technologies to collect very dense three-dimensional (3D) data of buildings and facilities to create reliable as-built drawings and models. Our clients and partners can rely on our proven data extraction procedures and workflows, developed over many years of working in these industries, to provide clear and accurate records of existing conditions with concise details determined by architectural plan standards.

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Gathering highly accurate, detailed survey data for improvements to existing roadways can be hazardous and expensive. Traditional surveying does not always provide the detail needed for roadway improvement projects and can be dangerous in areas with heavy traffic. Keeping field personnel safe while obtaining accurate as-built data using traditional surveying methods often requires lane closures that impede daily operations. Terrestrial and Mobile laser scanning technologies have proven to be an accurate, safe, and cost-effective alternative.

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Plant, Process & Marine

Gathering detailed and accurate existing conditions data of congested on-shore and off-shore facilities is a major challenge for any retrofit project. SCANable’s experience and background using the latest technology to collect reliable as-built data for these types of projects has proven to reduce or eliminate costly field reworks, resulting in less down time and improved client/owner satisfaction. Our team is committed to providing your firm with real-world training and support services to ensure their safety and the safety of those working in the vicinity of these projects. Our staff also maintains all necessary safety, health, and environmental requirements and qualifications, and can serve as an additional part of your team allowing you to staff up or down as needed.

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Visual Effects & CGI

SCANable works with the most prestigious post-production and visual effects studios across the globe providing 3D imaging hardware, software, training and turn-key services. These innovative companies have relied upon us to provide LiDAR and 3D Imaging solutions for advertising, entertainment and film. For over a decade, the technical experts on our staff have been capturing full body scans of actors, vehicles and props, and environment scans, stadium scans for crowd population, and intricate set scans. Our expertise allows us to offer clients a unique, one-stop solution for all of their visual effects scanning and modeling needs.

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We are great at what we do

With offices in Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, SCANable provides post production and visual effects studios with the equipment, software, training and turn-key support services necessary to guarantee success on every project. If you would like to know more about how 3D imaging can benefit your studio, please contact us or request a free quote today!

Our specialization

3D Body Scans/Cyber Scanning
LiDAR Scanning
Prop Scanning
3D Modeling
3D Scanning for CG Crowd Population
3D Scanning for CG Set Extension
3D Scanning for Camera Tracking/MatchMoving

Core Services

  • Equipment Hire

    Rent the latest static, handheld and mobile 3D imaging and LiDAR systems, software and accessories from Leica, Z+F, FARO, Artec and others.

  • Training

    Our experts offer instruction for real-world 3D data collection and processing custom-tailored to fit your specific workflow and industry needs.

  • Support Services

    Our industry experts are available for hire allowing you to ramp up or down as needed and keep your capital expenditures minimal.

  • 3D Asset Library

    Choose from our existing library of real-world 3D assets or request specific items. No location or item is too large or too small.