Created by agency David&Goliath, Kia’s :60 Super Bowl spot, titled “Feel Something Again,” stars legendary rocker Steven Tyler at an old abandoned racetrack. With the familiar notes of “Dream On” playing backwards, Tyler looks as though he’s about to race the Kia Stinger against another legend, two-time Formula One and Indianapolis 500 champion Emerson Fittipaldi. After a moment of reflection, rather than driving the car forward, Tyler takes the car backwards around the track, in reverse. When he comes to a stop, he finds himself in the early 1970s–a young rock star in his prime, at a moment when he felt most alive. The spot ends with the on-screen text “Feel Something Again.”

One of the biggest challenges was authentically re-creating the 25-year-old version of Steven. We had to get that absolutely right. Fortunately, thanks to the amazing team at SCANable and The Mill, we were able to get the glowing approval of Steven, his daughter, friends and a handful of rockers who know him best.

Project Information

Nicolai Fuglsig

Production Company:

Post-Production Company:
The Mill

3D Scanning:

Our Task

SCANable performed 3D scans of Steven Tyler in Los Angeles, California which were used to create a detailed younger version of him for this beautiful Superbowl ad for Kia.

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