The colorful way to scan…

Colorfast, high dynamic and flexible

The Z+F IMAGER 5010C sets new standards for laser scanning! The integrated camera allows combining brilliant colors with high-resolution scan data. HDR-technology guarantees perfect illumination in all parts of the scene.

As an enhancement to the very successful IMAGER series, the advantages of the new camera are combined with the outstanding features of the IMAGER 5010. As the fastest laser-scanner with over 1 million points per second, the instrument allows users to acquire data over an enormous distance, which previously could only be achieved with time-of-flight pulse scanners.

The benefits of the Z+F IMAGER 5010C:

  • Integrated calibrated camera
  • Best balanced colour imagery through
    Z+F High Dynamic Range Technology
  • 80 Megapixel full panorama generation
  • Extreme high speed laser sensor
  • Total eyesafety guaranteed by laser class 1
  • IP 53 conformity: dust & water resistant

The Z+F IMAGER 5010C is available for daily, weekly or monthly rentals. Contact us for more info or reserve your rental online today!

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