Artec Spider is a 3D scanner with high resolution, high accuracy and ability to see sharp edges. Such features make Artec Spider the perfect solution for mass production and industrial design where higher-precision scanning of objects with sharp edges and intricate details is required.

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No markers or any manual alignment during post-processing

Artec Spider doesn’t require cumbersome calibration procedures at the beginning of each scanning session. Spider doesn’t need markers to be placed on the object before scanning. Spider does not use electromagnetic tracking, so metal objects in the room do not interfere with performance or accuracy.

High speed and accuracy

Capturing and simultaneously processing up to 1 000 000 points per second, Spider scans a dozen times faster than a laser scanner, while providing high resolution (up to 0.15mm) and superior accuracy (0.03 – 0.05mm).

Capturing texture

The scanner captures brilliant color, as well as a high resolution, accurate 3D image itself.

 Ease of use

Artec Spider weighs 850 grams (1.9 lbs), making it truly portable. This hand-held solution will be useful when you need to scan outside or digitize objects that can’t be moved. The Spider can also be used with a battery which provides for hours of scanning without the need for electricity.

Real time scanning and fusion

The scanner captures up to 7.5 frames per second and each frame is a 3D image. These frames are fused in real time, meaning that no complicated post-processing is required.

 Almost unlimited possibilities

Artec Spider is the perfect solution for rapid prototyping and manufacturing, as well as industries such as medicine, automotive, aerospace, quality control, heritage preservation and graphic design.

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