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Our industry experts are available for hire to ensure that you get the exact data you need to successfully complete your project including full 3D body scans, head scans, environments, sets, stadiums, vehicles and more.


Our team of artists can transform LiDAR environment scans and full body scans in rig-ready and render-ready CG assets including complex subsurface scatter maps for hyper-realistic CG digital doubles.


Rent the latest static, handheld and mobile 3D imaging and LiDAR systems, software and accessories from Leica, Z+F, FARO, Artec and others.


Pointbox web-based point cloud viewer - SCANable

Web-based Point Cloud Viewing

Introducing PointBox, a powerful web-based point cloud viewer…
spotlight stories app 3D Scanning Google ATAP Spotlight Story ‘HELP’

Google Brings Its 360-Degree Movies App, Spotlight Stories, To iOS

SCANable helped bring the Google Spotlight Stories fourth animated…
Nissan Super Bowl ad

Emmy Nomination for Nissan "With Dad" Commercial

Do you recall the emotional Nissan television ad that was introduced…
Shade VFX logo

Shade VFX Nominated for an Emmy Award for Daredevil

Daredevil, The Netflix Original Series, has been nominated for…

About Us

SCANable is a complete 3D imaging solutions firm with locations in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans and Houston, focusing on providing you easy and cost-effective access to the latest equipment, software, training and support. We strive to expand and enhance the use and implementation of 3D scanning technologies and workflows throughout every market sector.

If you need access to the latest 3D imaging
hardware, software or personnel, SCANable is your trusted one-stop resource for all of your support needs.

  • Entertainment/VFX/CGI

    Object Scanning (People, Props, Vehicles), Set and Location Scanning, 3D modeling for gaming, film, TV and web applications

  • Architecture & Heritage

    Building Information Models (BIM), Floor Plans, HABS/HAER Drawings, Interior/Exterior Elevations, Site Plans

  • Civil/Survey

    Topographic Surveys, Site Plans, Surface Deviation Monitoring, Bridge Surveys

  • Plant, Process & Marine

    Retrofits, Clash Detection & Avoidance, As-Is Documentation

  • Security

    Line-of-sight Studies, Viewshed Analysis, Counter-terrorism Planning & Analysis